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Channel Partner

Overview - Food Delivery Industry

  • Food delivery apps or food-tech is no longer a cliché and is one of the most used services in the world today.
  • With the advent of technology especially mobile apps, these food delivery apps have tapped on “convenience” factor and are one of the fastest growing sectors in food-tech business.
  • As per statistical data in India alone, a part of food delivery industry has recently crossed the three million deliveries a month mark within one city.
  • This is in just two years since launching the meal delivery service.
  • It has covered more than 500+ cities in India and growing by the hour.

Current Market Scenario

  • The e-commerce has transformed the way business is done in India today. The Indian e-commerce market is expected to grow to US$ 200 billion by 2026.
  • Food Delivery Mobile App Market is expected to reach $16,605 million by 2023.

Channel Partner And Responsibilities

  • Every area within the radius of 500 Hospitality Partners will have ‘One Channel Partner’ each.
  • It is the Channel Partner’s responsibility to tie up with the Hospitality Partners i.e Hotels, Restaurants, Cafes, Lounge, Bar, Cloud kitchen, Grocery stores cum Kirana, Dairy product outlets, Medical store, etc.
  • The ‘only responsibility’ of the Channel Partner is to get Hospitality Partners on board in quickest time possible.

Business Concept

  • The initial stage i.e. the tie up phase with the hospitality partners needs hard work. As the Delivery industry has become more Organised, hence the later stages are of more ease to the Channel Partner.
  • One time Refundable Investment of INR 5,00,000/
  • Till the time the Channel Partner makes INR 6,00,000/-, the company will share 50% of what the company will make from the ‘Hospitality Partner brought in by the Channel Partner.
  • Once the Channel Partner has received INR 6,00,000/- the Channel Partner will fall into the ratio as mentioned in the Annex i.e. the tie up % Channel Partners share.
  • The Channel Partner will have to share the list of their prospective Hospitality Partners before signing of the agreement.
  • The expected recovery of the invested amount and the Bonus is within 30-60 days of the initial stage.


  • The payment gateway will be scheduled in such a manner that the payment will directly be credited to the respective accounts (Channel Partners, Hospitality partners and Company)
  • Maintaining relationship will be companies responsibilities, however in case if extreme scenario the Channel Partner will be engaged for solution.
  • The agreement will be till the hotel are affiliated with the company i.e. the partnership will be perpetual and not for a limited period.
  • Specific day of the week, all Channle Partners will receive their respective ledger and they can tally in case of discrepancy, they can just mail or call us back and within 48 hours the issue has to be resolved.
  • Channel Partner will have their respective login to keep checking their performance, cash flow and order details without customer information.

Future Prospective

  • With the right alliance and affiliation we predict to grow as quickly.
  • With the right alliances there are chances of repaying profits much faster than the other forms of rate.
  • Here is the opportunity to recover the investment made by the Channel Partner within 30-60 days of the initial stage of the Business.

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