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About us

Fudx hospitality and services was born out of the need to cater the difficulty for restaurants to maintain a fleet of delivery executives and facilitate the in-house dinning process. Given the unending need for food and the rapid adoption of smart devices, it would be a great idea to start with Food, Medicines, Grocery and Dairy products delivery application as a service that not only caters to home delivery but also takes care of in room dining, upgrading the experience for Restaurants, Medicals, Mart and Dairies. Tapping this pocket, we aim to connect the customers to all possible products and enhance the customer experience of ordering.

Features coming soon...

  • Integration of Chat, Voice call on Internet, file/data transfer Services increasing comfort for the user.
  • Movie, Shows, Events covered in ticket buying options
  • Grocery shopping
  • Air Ticket booking: direct tie up with airlines with required certification.
  • Hotel Room Bookings
  • Medicine availability faster than any service.
  • Integration of total consumption with cashback and points.

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To experience the best Delivery service and recieve world class quality and variety with super offers almost on a daily basis.


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